Christmas, 2011

Christmas at the Gibson House

The Museum Society had a busy year and finished it off by celebrating with a Christmas “thank you” party at the Gibson House.

Many people helped out to reward these hard-working volunteers to have an evening of fun, prizes and lots to eat and drink. A few of the employees from the Valley First Credit Union baked cookies while Brian Wilson from Old donated a beautiful framed photo from the 1920s. Shannon Forner from Valu Plus and My Town Realty both donated large gift baskets to add to the door prizes. A few volunteers handled the kitchen duties and kept everything under perfect control while members strolled through the various rooms of Gibson House looking for clues to the “name the song” quiz.

The Kupiaks had a very lucky evening with Dennis winning the framed photo and Pat winning the song quiz. Everyone had a good time and it helped them to feel that all their hard work is appreciated.

We are looking forward to another fun party for next Christmas.  Being a member isn’t ALL hard work!!