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Pioneer Picnic

Anne Veiglind, Great Grandaughter of Frances X. Richter

The Pioneer Picnic at the historic Gibson House on 11th Avenue on Aug. 20, 2011, was small but dynamic.  As luck would have it two great granddaughters of Francis Xavier Richter, one of the first settlers of this area, were in town doing research on their family history.  They spent a few days before the picnic in our museum using the documentations and pictures that are on file to augment their already extensive knowledge on their family history.

They shared their written history and pictures, news clippings and personal stories with those at attendance at the picnic.  Wilf Miller, a long term resident of this valley also added colourful stories entertaining not only our own museum members but also Ken Favrholdt and wife Irene from Osoyoos where Ken is the curator of the Osoyoos museum.

The museum is receiving requests on a steady basis for information on many different areas of the Similkameen’s families, mines, ranches and many other aspects of life during this past century.